And now we are gone..

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We have been planning on changing the name from deathgrip for a long time now.

Really it was the being “confused” with the blog Defgrip, we had no idea abut when it all started.

After being in Lisbon and using the term “ninja cat” for when someone dodged or came in a close call to being hit ( Mike shmitt rolling out the way of Thibaut Rivière carving the bowl towards his head and also Greg Falski dodging Oscar after taking his photo as he hopped other the 11 set rail to bank at WestJam )

Heres the first i have done towards to the site.

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My west jam ting

Oscar and wonka went big… 99% of my clips were them, so thought i may aswell keep it to them.

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Check out that side boob

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The dogs will ride us back!!!!!! 😮

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Putting in work

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Lisbon antics

Beer is too cheap in Lisbon

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Holy Smokes..


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My dad is rad

‘ Twilight song’ filmed on the Canon 50d.

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