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SlumWorm for IMiNUSED

just popped up on my facebook page. Slumworms recent trip to san fan. Cant wait for the whole thing Advertisements

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Monday Music : Dibia$e

Dope La glitched out dubby hip hop master Dibia$e is the 2011 Jay Dee signed to Flying Lotuses label Brainfeeders…..ill shit

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Couple videos

First up is Andrew Voegeli of Unknown Bikes coming with some wicked variational tricks, I’m really digging the x-up wheelie line. Next, Volt Bmx our local bmx shop has itself a vimeo page and a team rider! The dudes down … Continue reading

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Greg Falski

He is a don, so skilled with ze camera. I love this photo he took of my a few months back at the Mixtmeat BFF 2010 trick jam. No faced, devil riiider. Photo credit: Greg Falski

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Keepin it dope with some killer cab combos, smooooooooooth

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We all would

Please, who the fuck is even looking at her thumb?

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They are all over the place in this photo, i love it. Photo by: Angus Sung, Rider: Hector Ward

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Monday Music

Dont fall in love unless you have lifetime warranty. New week. New tricks. Have a good assss monday.

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Super Pumped

so many comps goin down wont be surprised if some bonez are broke.Wish we could make it to this shit is gunna be WILD…however Portugal and Paris are gunna be just as nuts West Fixed jam Trick Trick Boom Midwest … Continue reading

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Mental Elevation

So I got this set of books the other day called “The Cannabible” by Jason King, an encyclopedia of all the most dankalicious kush around. Its pretty cool.

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