2 flicks of Lewis’s Shop14 ESB, taken last summer just after he built it up! ESB’s are fucking killer, best looking fixed frameset. The 700c’s are coming off for some 26″, so its goodbye to his trusty Chukkers.


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3 Responses to ESB ALL DAY

  1. Maxtm says:

    Are you getting rid of/ selling the chukkers? šŸ™‚

    • Not too sure yet mate. I’m definately using my front hub for my new wheel build, so if I sell them it would be full back wheel + front rim. I’ll let you know when I know! haha, peace.

    • Sol Smith says:

      im selling my black H Plus Son wheelset hand laced with black spokes to a black blb freestyle hub on the rear with a anodized purple Proper bmx hub on the front completely true and solid as fuck and only had them for about a month. i will throw in some good tyres aswell depending on what your frame can take…

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