So many bangers dropped today. Good day.

Ok, lets start with what got me most hyped. WONKAAAA, as always he has taken shit to new levels. I actually expect to be dumfounded every time i load up a new video of his, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Im not even going to list tricks, they were all insane. Cant wait to see him land those long rail tooth hangers! Our little claim to fame in this video: The ramp Oscar is riding at 2.30, we built that like the day before they went there. In a vain attempt to bump into Wonka who we had heard was in London we went out riding in heavy rain and just ended up building that ramp in a sheltered area near shop 14, its cool to see it getting put to use!

Next up is Boothby and Santos laying down some killer 700c riding, i always dig these guys. Highlight for me has to be Boothby’s skate park line and Santos’s transitions.

Moooooore from SE tour, i really enjoyed the daily installments and this recap has dropped with all teh bangers, so sick!

Last but not least its the iMiNUSD trip to SF, some killer stuff in here!

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