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Holy Smokes..

RADRADRAD OSS FTW Advertisements

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Soundtrack West Jam edit

FUCK YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! super sick filming super sick editing and super sick riding!!!!!!!! spotted me lewis and hector aswell 😀

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Ever seen a kickflip on a bmx?

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Dew rippin

Footage of Dew riding during the daytime has been long ‘Dew’ MEGALOLZZZZ. But yeah, some non night time footage of the mass murdering fixed gear rippa DEW

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Oscar is beast

couple clips of the don beast

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I was talking with ricardo Lino who is organizing the West fixed jam and he sent me this link of jotta riding round street spots in lisbon and the Ski Skate Amadora park. Looks so radddd!!! cant wait to see … Continue reading

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so fuckingggg stokeddddd!! we leave on thursday and get back on monday. gunna be ridiculously insane so much shit is gunna pop of!!! this edit from the man chacon got me even more stoked cant wait to ride with this … Continue reading

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snatched this from cogwei’s likes. dude always has the best vids

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J-Dawg edit

Jordan did some filming over the weekend with Gus Mallet, Hector Ward and myself.               I remmember luaghing so hard when i filmed that drop just seeing a pair of adidas in the air.

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